Acupuncture, Natural Fertility, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Women’s Health

The Pagoda Tree is home to a complete service for Natural Fertility and Women’s Health. We provide complete and comprehensive reproductive health care for women of all ages, as well as complete general health care for men, women and children. Our centre specialises in fertility and pregnancy related issues whilst also providing complete preconception care programs.

We are an integrative health care centre, where our practitioners are more than happy to support your journey in whatever way we can.
Our practitioners are highly qualified in their field and offer you warmth, compassion and presence. We understand the delicate and sensitive issues that some of our clients face and we are available to
be of service and to listen.

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Fertilise Yourself

“Fertilise Yourself is all about priming your body for fertility, with plenty of tips and tricks for a wellness overhaul, and the ‘how to’ steps to set yourself up to win.

If you’re struggling with your fertility, or even just your general health, I know this ebook can help you navigate your way to being fueled and fighting fertility fit!”

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