TCM Practitioners


Sarah Hennessey

Sarah moved to Australia after having earned her Bachelor degree in Health Science and Masters degree in Chinese Medicine in the United States. She is dually registered as a practitioner in both countries and has been published in a major Australian research journal.

Sarah’s interests lay in emotional, nutritional, and hormonal health. She is also experienced in and enjoys treating pain conditions. She takes a holistic approach, which incorporates both ancient and modern medicine to create a custom treatment plan.

It is important to Sarah to create a comfortable healing atmosphere for her patients. Her gentle and thorough treatment style will leave you feeling not only relaxed but also revitalised.


Caleb Nontapan

After graduating in 2010 with a bachelor of health science, majoring in Acupuncture, Caleb continued to develop his skills moving to China.  Over 2 years he spent time interning at a number of different hospitals in China, Taiwan and Thailand learning from many of the masters of Chinese Medicine. 

Since returning to Australia, Caleb continues to see a wide range of cases, but particularly loves assisting women and men to help with conception.  He also enjoys writing and discussing about the benefits of mindful practices like Acupuncture and Yoga, and how stress is a major contributor to poor conception as well as a number of other diseases.

As well as conception, Caleb has years of experience and enthusiasm for treating gut health, pain (migraines, back ache or painful periods) and sleep disorders.  His treatment technique is gentle, yet thorough and often also incorporates the use of herbal formulas, supplements and dietary advice.


Jacinta Didak

Since becoming a mother, Jacinta’s love of treating women’s health and fertility has exploded. Graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine), she has worked with some of Melbourne’s most renowned practitioners, in particular, her father. With both her parents becoming qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners nearly 40 years ago, she was clearly born to work in this field.

Her passion for helping improve the lives of others and educate her patients in holistic living flows on from her parents. Whilst she understands the difficulties that can be faced from pre-conception, right through to delivery and recovery, she also enjoys treating a wide variety of ailments or conditions.

Wellness is her priority and helping her clients achieve and maintain this is her main interest. She delights in balancing the body back in to ease, as opposed to dis-ease.

Inspired by Nat herself, Jacinta is looking forward to joining The Pagoda Tree and making those hormones happy and beyond!


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Maryanne Loving
Since graduating with a bachelor degree in health science, majoring in acupuncture, Maryanne has become a new mum herself and has developed a passion for treating woman’s health, fertility, pregnancy and beyond.

Maryanne enjoys empowering each individuals’ innate self-healing abilities through a combination of treatment and education around individualised diet and lifestyle choices to create lasting wellness.

Her particular areas of interest include women’s health, natural fertility, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune disorders, anxiety and depression. Maryanne’s range of skills, experience and understanding are used to promote an environment where the body may come back into balance.

With her approach to health and wellness being unique to each individual, her aim is to collaborate with each client to achieve their desired wellness goals with a down to earth attitude and gentle nourishing treatments.




Rachael Gieschen

Rachael (formerly our receptionist) is an encyclopedia of information on herbal supplements, nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Rachael has a deep passion for Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture and has years of experience in health and nutrition in practice both here and in China.

Rachael is currently on maternity leave, returning in 2018.