Clinic Practitioners



Caleb NontapanAcupuncturist

After graduating in 2010 with a bachelor of health science, majoring in Acupuncture, Caleb continued to develop his skills moving to China.  Over 2 years he spent time interning at a number of different hospitals in China, Taiwan and Thailand learning from many of the masters of Chinese Medicine. 

Since returning to Australia, Caleb continues to see a wide range of cases, but particularly loves assisting women and men to help with conception.  He also enjoys writing and discussing about the benefits of mindful practices like Acupuncture and Yoga, and how stress is a major contributor to poor conception as well as a number of other diseases.

As well as conception, Caleb has years of experience and enthusiasm for treating gut health, pain (migraines, back ache or painful periods) and sleep disorders.  His treatment technique is gentle, yet thorough and often also incorporates the use of herbal formulas, supplements and dietary advice.


Julia DankowskiNaturopath and Acupuncturist

Julia graduated as a Naturopath in 1995, upgrading to the Degree when it became available; she has also completed a certificate in shiatsu, massage and sports nutrition. 

Julia went on to graduate with her Masters of Acupuncture in 2019, spending some time at Nanjing Hospital in China, observing and developing her skills further. Julia has combined these skills and knowledge into being able to provide a new perspective of viewing and promoting health.

Julia is passionate about treating the body as a whole by supporting women and men through their hormonal health changes, conception and infertility.  Offering health education, professional experience, lifestyle and dietary guidelines to suit and empower the individual navigating through their health and concerns.

As well as hormonal health, Julia has an interest in how stress and lifestyle can impact not only mental health but also physical health.  As a mum, herself, she has experienced this and understands the demands of a busy life and complexities in balancing everyday demands and staying healthy.