Founder and Owner


Natalie KringoudisFounder and Director

After several years of studying biosciences with a medical influence, Nat found herself with too many unanswered questions. Her heart lead her to Chinese medicine, which in turn opened her eyes up to an entirely new, holistic treatment perspective – integrating the western medical approach with alternative therapies and natural fertility methods.

Nat opened the doors to The Pagoda Tree in 2003 and since then has helped thousands of women to better understand their bodies, and to feel good (finally!).

And now, as the clinic goes from strength to strength, she has stepped out to champion fertility BEFORE it becomes an issue. Why wait until it’s broken? Helping women in their twenties to lay a gangbuster ‘healthy hormone’ foundation is the way forward in the world of women’s health.

Through her site, she educates women on the benefits of alternative therapies, nutrition and lifestyle – combining delicious healthy recipes, inspiring interviews and detailed answers to all of your questions from the baffling battleground of women’s health – from The Pill, to understanding ovulation, how natural therapies can assist with IVF and what effect stress is really having on your body.

Nat holds a Degree of Health Sciences – Traditional Chinese Medicine (Herbal) and an Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture.


Clinic Staff


Erin GoodallReceptionist

Erin has been the cornerstone to The Pagoda Tree for some time now, helping evolve the clinic into the sanctuary of happiness it is today. She has an infectiously fun personality that makes stepping into the clinic enjoyable.

Working as a chiropractic assistant for a number of years and as a young mum herself, she understands and can answer any curly questions about the clinic and fertility assistance you may have.

Erin is the voice and the first point of contact as our receptionist, so feel free to pick up the phone and engage with Erin.


Wendy VerschoorAssistant

Long before Wendy joined our team, she was apart of The Pagoda Tree family as a regular patient. We loved her so much, that we employed her as an assistant to the clinic. She has rejuvenated so many aspects of the clinic since then, especially in the media and events side in which she is qualified.

As inspiring as she is to us, she also has a passion to inspire others through heath and nutrition and is pursuing to become a health and nutrition coach.

Wendy can understand and relate to how The Pagoda Tree runs from the inside to out and endeavours to educate others into the benefits of being a regular at The Pagoda Tree.