Magnesium has always been abundant in our regular diet, but growing demands on both our bodies and food sources mean that many of us will be deficient in magnesium or at least benefit from a magnesium supplement.

So where did that magnesium go?

Magnesium has generally been found in the highest concentration in dark leafy greens, but also in nuts, seeds, fish, bananas and dark chocolate (thankfully!). However due to the growing demands on our farms to produce more regularly and more rapidly, the magnesium in the soil has gradually been depleting, hence less magnesium for us. Secondly, if you are one of the many that ever suffers from stress, overwork or dehydration, you have been depleting your own stores of magnesium.

How can I replenish my magnesium stores then?

By all means, increase your intake of dark leafy greens. Go organic for the full magnesium benefit and dark chocolate actually has an even higher concentration gram for gram, so let this be your treat. The right magnesium supplements though are the most effective and efficient way, without having to eat kilos of chocolate and spinach.

Which magnesium supplement should I choose?

There are a plethora of options and it’s important to choose the right one. The right magnesium supplement may assist your energy, pain relief and mood, while the wrong one may have you “running” to the bathroom. At The Pagoda Tree we prescribe Meta Mag and glycine by Metagenics, which come in a handful of formulas. Magnesium in this form is the most bioavailable and gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Other forms of magnesium can still be beneficial, but without direction choosing the correct magnesium, you can be more likely to experience diarrhoea or gut discomfort.

How can it help?

Many know the benefits of magnesium for muscular cramps and tightness, but you can also acquire targeted magnesium formulas for mental fatigue, physical fatigue, stress relief, mood disorders, oestrogen metabolism, reproductive support, cardiovascular health, constipation, migraines and pain relief, just to name a few.

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– Caleb