As a male practitioner in a natural fertility clinic, I am enthusiastic about advising and helping couples fall pregnant. Most of my day though, is spent assisting and educating women how to best boost their fertility. But one thing I find many women love, are tips to take home for their partner. There is no doubt that women take a much more active approach with fertility health and it’s about time men got as enthusiastic about falling pregnant, prior to the bedroom.

It is great when couples either come in together or separately for tailored treatments, as there are so many simple natural ways to boost fertility, but here are a few tips for men and how best to recommend it to your man.


The first on the list just happens to be my favourite and our speciality at The Pagoda Tree. Acupuncture is great for stress relief, for both women and men, which is very important to keep low and under control when balancing hormones. Acupuncture also works on the movement of blood and qi (our vital energy), which can be used to improve circulation throughout the body, especially beneficial to help boost circulation to a mans sex organs. When recommending this to a man, say ‘it is pain free and shows how courageous he is’.

Eat the right stuff

Of course meat, veggies and fruit are important, but there are a few absolute wonders for male fertility. Oysters are known as an aphrodisiac for a reason – they are full of zinc and B6 which are important for testosterone production. Eggs are another wonderful food that contain a full spectrum of amino acids important for sperm production. Chillies are a great vasodilator, so when you get that flush of red to your face when you eat something spicy, that’s blood circulation and you are also getting a rush of circulation to other parts of the body. Lemon juice in water is another handy one as it improves your liver function in particular to clear oestrogen, which is a male fertility killer. Cherries and pomegranates are two ideal fruits for male fertility as both are good for the cardio vascular system and keep sperm healthy. When recommending this to a man, say ‘the better things you put in, the better the things that come out’.

Regulate the temperature

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we will often talk about the benefits of keeping your foods and drinks warm, and not overheating yourself to sweat too often. For men though, temp regulation is even more important for the testes. There is a reason the testes dangle down and that is so they stay at a lower temperature to the rest of the body. It is very important for optimum fertility, when exercising or even in day-to-day life that the testes are not too tightly constricted or hot. When recommending this to a man, say ‘it will make him cool’.


Exercise is great for cardiovascular health and stress relief. It keeps us healthy both mentally and physically, but cardiovascular health plays a very important role with libido and erections. In fact Viagra was first prescribed for the treatment of blood pressure, which just happened to have a bonus side effect for patients. Exercise should be a regular part of the routine when improving fertility, so we get the heart pumping and good circulation to the whole body. High intensity training also boosts testosterone, which enhances libido. When recommending this to a man, say ‘how healthy and strong it will make him look’.

Keep practicing

Practice makes perfect and for men it also makes healthy and more mobile sperm. If you are keeping track of your ovulation for the best timing, then men should also be having regular ejaculations beforehand. This doesn’t mean you need to be doing it every day, but leading up to ovulation men should try to ejaculate every second day for a week. It’s a cheap, easy and effective boost for male fertility. When recommending this to a man… it basically takes care of itself.


There are many different options for multi vitamins on the shelves specialising in boosting male fertility, but I always recommend going for the best quality, which sometimes means practitioner prescribed. This generally means that you get the highest possible dose of active ingredients, with the safest and least active excipients, which means less chance of unwanted side effects. The most important nutrients to look for are Zinc for healthy testosterone, Magnesium to support a range of hormones and sperm count, Selenium and CoQ10 for sperm motility, Folate for quality sperm and B vitamins for energy and libido. When recommending this to a man, say ‘it is like getting the best oils and fuels for your car’.


It is important for everyone’s mental health to have friendships and be kind and friendly to people. There is also added benefit for men to have male social networks for testosterone and confidence. Men who socialise in sporting groups or get together for trivia nights and drinks, maintain their independence, which in turn leads to greater confidence and desire in the bedroom. When recommending this to a man, say ‘go watch the footy with your mates’.

Here at The Pagoda Tree we love helping women reach optimum health and fertility, however we also love helping men. While men only make up a small percentage of people looking to boost fertility, they are equally as responsible for fertility.

So next time you are doing something to improve your health, challenge your man to do something for his. When recommending this to a man, say ‘let’s have some healthy competition’.

– Caleb



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