I know it sounds weird, and it’s become a bit of a trend, but it’s amazing! No joke, I am in love with this new little morning ritual.

The mouth is host to numerous bacteria and balance is essential to create a healthy microbiome in the gut. 45% of the bacteria in the mouth overlap the bacteria that are found in the gut and are important to ensure proper digestive, brain and immune functions, as well as boosting metabolism.

According to Dr. Gerry Curatola, the founder of Rejuvenation Dentistry, the low-grade inflammation associated with gum disease and poor oral health is linked to imbalances and disease in almost all systems in the body; high incidence of stroke, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and diabetes. The incidence of type 2 diabetes also jumped 700 per cent when suffering from gum disease or inflammation. With these facts, why wouldn’t we want to do something to help clear up any nasties that may be present?

When I first gave it a go I thought it was a little silly and couldn’t possibly be doing much in terms of benefiting my health.

BUT, I was wrong!

Ensuring good oral hygiene is important to decrease any risk of cardiovascular disease, circulatory function, inflammation and toxins in the body.

The act involves placing a dessertspoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swishing it around for 10 – 20 mins, before spitting it out. The oil will melt and become a liquid after being in your mouth for a few seconds. The oil solidifies at around 30 degrees celsius I believe, which means our body temp should quickly melt it.

The purpose of this is for the coconut oil, which is high in anti-bacterial & anti-microbial properties, to get into all of the crevices in and around your teeth and gums and help to draw out any nasties or toxins that are causing decay, disease or bad breath. This can also benefit the whiteness of your teeth, clear toxins in your glands, help heal any cuts or scrapes in your mouth and assist in restoring the microbiome in your gut.

Seriously, anything that suggests naturally and harmlessly brightening/whitening my teeth is a done deal, a must try and this one did not disappoint!

After doing this for 2 weeks every morning while in the shower, I have definitely noticed my gums and teeth are way less sensitive (yes, this means I can now painlessly enjoy more Ice cream at Messina!! However the downer is that I now think it’s ok to do this more often…). I’ve also noticed an improvement in my breath, even after eating really smelly foods/drinks, like coffee. It’s almost as though my teeth aren’t soaking it in or getting anything stuck in them.

For a while I was getting recurring tonsillitis/sore throat, after starting the oil pulling, this subsided and I’m pretty happy to say I haven’t had a sore throat or felt any tingles like one is coming on in months!! YAY!

I also stopped for a couple of weeks and just recently went back to it as I cut my gum on some sharp food and it wasn’t healing and got a little swollen. After one oil pulling session the little cut healed right up and no more annoying pain or swelling! Kinda like magic!

And last of all, my teeth are heaps whiter, the little stains are gone and my teeth glow and shine bright!!!

In the clinic we have been stocking coconut oil pulling sachets that are super convenient to have on hand or in the bathroom ready to pop in your mouth and start the day, next time you’re in for a treatment ask us about them.

– Edwina

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