The weeks keep on rolling and whilst they seem to feel as though they’re speeding up leading into the warmer months, so often we need to be reminded to stop and take five.  Whist you’re taking your time out today, we’re moving on with our practitioner interview series.  If you missed last week, be sure to catch up on that here.  Today, we’re featuring our amazing practitioner Caleb.  Imagine the task of coming to work each day and being surrounded by an all-star, all-girl team (plus Caleb).  He is the man for the job.  Compassionate, gentle and kind, Caleb has no issues being part of The Pagoda Tree family.

If you’re yet to catch Caleb in the clinic, we’ve asked him a few questions today.  Here goes…


What is the most interesting thing you’ve ever treated with TCM?

The most interesting would be helping in the stroke rehabilitation wing of hospitals and seeing people with paralysis of limbs regain movement through acupuncture.  The most rewarding would be treating my Grandma’s arthritis pain and helping her walk unassisted, as well as every single successful couple that gets pregnant.

Why do you love TCM?

I love TCM because it is easy and so rewarding to educate people via natural ways for them to help their health.

What is a favourite thing to do in your own time?

In my own time I love getting outside, either surfing, travelling or getting back to my family farm.

What is your favourite season and why?

I love spring.  It feels like the time when everyone and everything starts to come out of hibernation. It’s getting warmer, the days are longer and Melbourne has so many wonderful events on.

What do you love about being on the team at The Pagoda Tree?

The Pagoda Tree has been made into a sanctuary of calm and healing.  When I first walked in the door a couple of years ago, it had a glowing warmth in the building alone.  Then as I got to meet the team, I learnt that the warmth was present in everyone who worked here.  We all complement each other, both in personality and knowledge of healthcare, which makes it a fun and learning experience every day.

To make an appointment with Caleb, please contact reception.