Here at The Pagoda Tree, we’re all about making your life sweeter.  We understand it can be overwhelming and a little bit daunting when you dip into the world of complimentary medicine, especially if you’re new to it.  We get it.  That’s why over the following weeks, we are doing a series of team interviews, to help you find the practitioner that’s right for you.  Whilst each and every practitioner (and staff member for that matter) is hand picked by our founder Nat, we equally understand that each of us have different needs and finding the right practitioner for the job might seem tricky. So here’s to taking the guess work out of your health and connecting you with the right person for YOU.

Without any more hooha, please meet our wonderful practitioner Sarah.


What is the most interesting thing you’ve ever treated with TCM?

I treated a man in his 60s that had suffered from severe scoliosis his entire life. Because of his constant pain, he’d been unable to work for quite some time, had lost his home, and had suffered from a depressive state that had pushed away most of his family. He felt very alone and really had no lust for life anymore. He didn’t want to eat, he was very ashen in colour, and would not make eye contact. He came in wanting treatment for pain, but aside from that, what he really needed was to nourish his Shen – his soul and emotions.

I asked him to boil herbs like rosemary or thyme 30 minutes before mealtime to entice his digestive system and re-introduce a desire for food. After just a couple of weeks of acupuncture treatments, along with his herbal ‘homework,’ he came in one day with a fresh bright colour in his face, and a light in his eyes – he was making eye contact! He was talkative! He smiled! He told me that his pain had decreased significantly and that he was very excited about cooking meals for himself. He enjoyed describing his recipes to me at follow-up appointments.

What started off as a very sad and difficult case, became something that has always stuck with me as a source of inspiration, and a reminder of what a difference this medicine, along with a bit of humanity and empathy, can make.

Why do you love TCM?

I love TCM because it fills in the gaps that Western medicine often overlooks – that is, the emotions, the spirit, and treating the whole person. It’s such a beautiful feeling to have a patient feel like they are finally being heard and understood, and that their ailments have an explanation that validates their experience.

It’s hard to go to a GP and try to explain that every time it rains, their stomach hurts and their mind gets foggy, without feeling a bit silly. TCM embraces these kinds of experiences as important diagnostic information. There’s no such thing as ‘weird’ or ‘too much information’ in TCM.

What is a favourite thing to do in your own time?

Painting, putting my feet in the ocean, enjoying sunsets and full moons, and annoying my pets with affection.

What is your favourite season and why?

Late autumn and early spring, when it’s rainy but slightly warm, and there’s a good chance of a thunderstorm! Rain is life-giving – it’s what makes everything green and luscious. I love it!

What do you love about being on the team at The Pagoda Tree?

I love that I can practice in a way that resonates with my values, knowing that I’m being supported by a genuine, loving team of co-workers. Everyone here has come from different walks of life and we have so much to learn from each other. We have fun, laugh together, and we are all very passionate about what we do.

To make an appointment with Sarah, please contact reception.