Cosmetic Acupuncture or more accurately Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (FEA) is becoming a popular, natural alternative for enhancing ones beauty and for very good reasons.  As our life expectancy and quality of life continues to improve, many of us also hope that we can keep our youthful looks.  This has seen a huge increase in people getting cosmetic surgeries, botox and many other unnatural treatments, that give an outwardly amazing look, but may have unwanted side effects and dangers to the body.

FEA is a natural, less expensive and less invasive alternative, that also doesn’t come with the dangers.  It’s results are comparable to botox, however you will still be able to show expression in your face as FEA doesn’t actually stop the facial muscles from working.  FEA aims at improving blood flow to the facial muscles, so that they become more lubricated and flexible.  This means that the wrinkles, caused from making facial expressions, when at rest fully relax giving a smooth surface, rather than remaining contracted causing wrinkles.  Botox works in a similar way, however it kills off the ability for the facial muscles to contract, which can cause an emotionless face.

Thats not all…

Receiving FEA, as with any Acupuncture, always looks at the body holistically, so many treatments to enhance beauty will also address the bodies detoxing pathways, stress and digestive issues.  FEA also helps with irregular or patchy skin pigmentation, fluid retention or puffiness and sagging.   Hopefully as a result of receiving FEA you will see a number of other health benefits which will not only keep you looking young, but also feeling young.

So what is involved…

I recommend to people to start out with 6-8 treatments, however you should start to see improvements after the first treatment.  After the initial treatments are completed many people decide to continue to come every couple of months for maintenance or before important social activities, where they want to look their best.

During the treatment we will first address any constitutional issues, then work on any fine lines, followed by a treatment to improve lymphatic drainage to the face.  After the Acupuncture we add rejuvenating creams that can penetrate deeper into the skin to plump it up.  Similar to using a dermal roller, this puts the skins collagen and elastin into heightened effect, causing tighter and plumper looking skin.


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